Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sunday night my husband forced me to watch Extreme Home Makeover. I hate that show. Especially when Ty starts crying. I wanna shake him and say c’mon you ADHD basket case, hold it together. He irritates my most inner being. And he needs a throat lozenge.

However, the house they built Sunday night was dreamy. And the wife was presented with her very own soaking tub. So I started thinking. Why don’t I have a jetted step-in bathtub? How come I only have a sucky stand-up shower stall in my bathroom? Why am I so deprived in life?

I’ve decided my 2009 goal will be to get myself one of those fancy soaking tubs. I don’t know where I’ll put it, but I want one. Even if it’s outside in the shed.

This is the game hubby plays.

Me: Do we have any strawberry ice cream? I really want strawberry ice cream!

Him: I think I have some in my shed.

Then he grabs his keys and goes to the store, buys the ice cream, comes back and declares "Yes! There was strawberry ice cream in the shed!"

It’s all very cute.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is no strawberry ice cream in the shed. And sometimes there is no shed at all.

But strawberry ice cream aside, the really important question is.....Is there a hot tub in that shed? And when is the soonest he can get it hooked up in the house?

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