Friday, June 27, 2008

Am I a fraud?

After a few days of creative block I start to believe that I am a fraud. I can't make gray go with black, too many things align, and this design looks like the last 10 layouts of 1993. I surfed the web for inspiration. Inspiration? Thats such a fuzzy concept. Also known as stealing others brilliancy...navigation structure, textured God I am a fraud. An Andy Warhol. A Google ganker...

My head was stuffy, so I took a walk during lunch. Up and down Marshall Street, crossing the road here and there and then turning around and retracing my steps. The mechanic working on the Saturn VUE asked me if I was lost. "No not lost, just going nowhere."

Who is going to clean up all that trash on Marshall Street? Trash blown out of the garbage truck, dumpsters carelessly losing their cargo, vile filth, broken Barbie dolls with knotty hair, greasy pizza boxes, stray walmart bags. All this trash collecting against the temporary walls of Goshen and Gilmer Street. And these plastic bottles...when will those degrade?

My brother's wife had their third child last week. His name is Isequeal...I don't know how to spell that, I like the name, it rhymes with MySQL. After the baby was born my brother bought a motorcycle and today he took his 5 year old daughter fishing.

Back in the office I had a leak of ideas. Just a leak mind you, no waterfall. {consequently did you hear about the $15million waterfall feature some danish artist built in Manhatten?} The leak was enough to get underway with a design. A design I designed. Now tomorrow I'll need to get in early to get ahead of that design...

Tonight I cooked a pound of scallops. I picked two warm cucumbers from Chris's garden and chopped them with some fresh basil and oregano. I marinated them in balsamic vinegar. Then I ate the whole pound of scallops with a glass of red wine.

Tomorrow I will organize the pieces of my world, I will get them all in the designated cubbies. But for tonight I have enough energy to read 1 bedtime story to the girls and fall asleep with my makeup on.

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