Monday, June 9, 2008

Bodega del Vino

Oh good lord, I have come across a culinary miracle.
Who's idea was this? Who could have thought up such a delicious treat?

So I am sitting at Bottega del Vino on 59th and 5th and they bring out bread, seasoned with parsley, and a small dish of black goo.

I think, wtf is that? Caviar? Yuck, because you know caviar is fish eggs and I am a vegan (um, mostly…at least on Mondays).

But I figure I'm spending my first paycheck on this dinner I might as well try the fish larva…so I dip the miniature spoon in the black substance, and spread it across a small piece of bread, lift the bread to my mouth and….

Holy holy holy, this was NOT fish eggs, it was olive pate. Who thought of olive pate? Because I'm pretty sure he is the smartest most compassionate man alive, and deserve to win a Nobel Peace prize for this invention.

Too bad I'd already ordered a $20 antipasto and $40 mushroom tortellini because I could have made a night out of chowing on that olive pate.

Olive pate, yum, are you kidding me? It was heaven.

Oh and if you are looking for a vino in the price range of $5,000-$20,000 a bottle you can find it here as well. They also have Tiffany-priced wine which is delicious at about a $15/glass.

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