Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greetings From Point Pleasant

I'm siiting in Jersey Mikes, the lunch establishment choice of the day. They are playing "Tequila Love Me" as I stare into a faded postcard sign of 1950s bikini model "Greetings from Point Pleasant New Jersey!" Diet Coke bubbles up my throat, the radio begins playing James Taylor and a pretty black girl drops her entire sandwich on the floor at my feet. I bend down to help her, as the deli guy starts preparing her a new meal.

There are too few tables here, a line of students and suits creates a U on the wooden floor. It's chilly in here and my nose threatens to start dripping. Philly Steak hisses on the grill. Two men debate the negative aspects of owning a Prius. One says its worse that you have to wait 8 years to recoup the savings on gas versus the extra expense of owning a hybrid. "No no whats worse is what happens to all the hybrid batteries, when they are no longer useable." They conclude that biodeisel in heavens solution. I'd like to get more foot power technology in my life.

My mind wonders into future seas: What will become of me when I am too old to be a hip young designer? how do I become Betsy Johnson, Anne Lebowitz, or Barbara Berry?

Can my waistline afford that cookie I want so badly? I suppose I better get up and share this table for four.

The speakers are playing Jimmy Buffett's "Last Mango in Paris", one of my top 10 songs of all time: "I ate the last mango in Paris, took the last plane out of Saigon, i took a first class boat to china and jimmy there's still so much to be done."

I'm packing up and staring intentionally at a blond across the restaurant because she looks like my cousing Katie, and I think she might be, so if I stare at her maybe it is Katie and she will recognize me and wave....or maybe she'll think I have no manners.

"Greeting from Point Pleasant"

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