Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Lunch Time Rambling-Ons

Im sitting in Harrison Street café, I love this place, so inspirational so motivational hmm not sure motivational is the proper word here….I am thinking, first, about Stephanie Meyer and her Twilight series, thinking, hey that could be me, I can write, I could come up with a sappy plot about teenage Romeo vampire meets normal Juliet human girl. But I didn’t come up with this. Stephanie did. I read she is 34 and suddenly I have a clock ticking in my head as though all good ideas, inspirations and will-to-finish will evaporate at a certain point. As though my time and ability in that time to create is limited. I am rushed and panicked. Or am I procrastinating, wandering until I stumble on the perfect conditions for writing. Perfect conditions such as the Harrison Street Café? Vegan menu, delicious ice tea, mild conversation from 20 somethings, and a dark booth staring out the enormous row house front. This place is marvelous. And how great would it be for Harrison Street Café to say “Tiffany wrote that big novel here in booth 24”. I could make this place world famous. Or perhaps their delicious tofu barbeque will do that for them before my fame.

Secondly I am thinking Sarah Palin. She has pulled a lot of thoughts into my head lately. Thoughts that I like McCain, I like his integrity and his war heroism. I like less taxes and smaller government. I like that Palin is a working mom, just like me. But I also feel tremendous pressure to cast my vote carefully for the good of all women. And her pro-life agenda does not support women. It shames them and puts them in situations of desperation. Because the facts are, whether abortion is legal or not, women will be seeking to terminate unwanted pregnancies as they have since the beginning of time. We women have such a burden in motherhood, one that society judges us constantly. I don’t know Sarah, I just can’t take the future from women across our country. I just can’t deny them the right to succeed in life. As if our population wasn’t robust enough without unwanted children raised by unwilling, or poor, or young mothers. I just can’t condone any belief that would limit women’s ability to have choices.

This place is dark, dimly lit, and I just heard the word “creativity” and “your making choices when your creating even if your imitating it will always have a different voice”, the top parts of the wall are painted terra cota, low hanging lights, dark wood paneling up to a chair rail, and the blissful light shining in the warehouse tall windows from Harrison Street. Magazines and books for review. Hooks for bags. Low harmonic music. My fullness overcomes me. And it is officially time to return to work.

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