Sunday, March 9, 2008

I ran 4 miles today!!

I know what you are thinking...woman do you do anything other than run?
The answer is no. Not right now at least. The 10K is less than a month. And for the first time since I started training I believe that I can, with certainty, finish the 10K, and maybe even run the whole thing.

I was running up a menacing hill today when my mind do I prepare stuffed grape leaves; I'll need grapes leaves, that's obvious, rice and garlic, red peppers, olive oil, capers? I bet that salty flavor is capers, no maybe diced greek olives. Or capers. Or both.

And then it hit me. I just ran a whole stinkin' 5 minutes without thinking about a pain in my knee, how far I have left to go, how slow I'm going, how sweaty I look. It's almost as if I was a natural runner. One of those gazelles that pass you blessed by the wind, the kind that make you spat on the ground and say to your Big Mac ass "Well, arn't they lucky to be born fit".

Admittedly running for five minutes and thinking about something other than being in pain may not qualify me in the "gazelle" category. But I'll take a seat somewhere between total newbie and 10K runner.

Yesterday hubby and I went to Ellwood Thompson (march out the dollar signs...$$$$). Eighty bucks will get you roughly half a bag of groceries. Mind you, a fancy half bag of groceries. Among my delectables: okra patties, mock tuna salad, soy green tea ice cream, italian tofu, vegan spinach pie, and stuffed grape leaves.

Mmmm stuffed grape leaves.

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