Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This morning I ran 2.75 miles.

This morning I ran 2.75 miles. I was aiming for 3 but completed 2.75. After running, I climbed into my car to realize my 2.75 mile run took me 45 minutes. Using my stellar math skills, I realized that was roughly 15 minute miles. 15 minute miles. Are you kidding me? I can walk faster than that. The 10K is exactly 1 month away, thats 4 weeks, worse yet 31 days. I have to kick it up a notch here, I should be running 4-5 miles at no more than 13 minutes each. OMG no wonder this exercise thing takes up so much of my friggin morning. At this rate I'll be running 105 minute 10K. Again, I'm no math genius but thats like an hour and fourty-five minutes!! The monument 10K is hosting 2 Kenyans who run 4 minute miles. Let's see thats 25 minutes for the Kenyan and nearly two hours later, what is that rounding the corner? Oh it's the crippled guy on crutches, not bad. Wait whats that behind him? Oh it's the 90 year old woman carrying her grandchildren on her back. But wait. I see yet another coming around the bend. Could it be Tiffylou? No it is the cleaning crew picking up debris, the race is over. Hopefully she will finish before it gets dark tonight.

Wait. Let me start again.

This morning I ran 2.75 miles. OMG 2.75 miles is great! The End.

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