Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's a Good Hair Day

Every morning I run in the same outfit. Gray sweatpants 2 sizes too big, baggy around the legs. And the blaringly bright yellow-orange t-shirt with black VCU logo on the front. This shirt puts bicycle reflectors to shame. I'm thinking about expanding my running outfit to include a pinwheel hat with a hershy kiss ribbon that says MASSIVE DORK!

This morning I ran 2 miles in my garish outfit past groups of middle school kids waiting for the bus. I'm sure they mistook me emergency road crew. Or perhaps a singing VCU telegram. Go Rams. Thankfully none of them threw rocks.

Hey notice me!

The shirt is bad of course, but the pants are worse.

They are so baggy that when i sweat the fronts cling to my thighs, while the back of the pants go flapping in the wind like two long gray colorguard flags. The extra fabric catches the cold air and streams it up the back side of my legs. This is not comfortable.

My neighbors kid came over this past weekend after I came home from an especially productive run. She took one look at my get up and said "Are you still wearing your pajamas?" I've become THAT mom of the neighborhood.

At least I never go anywhere without lip gloss.

I ran about 2.5 miles this morning. My new pink watch should arrive tomorrow. It's so adorable. It does all this gadgety stuff like measure your heart rate and distance, and it also shows the time. I hope this watch cures my 15 minute mile syndrome.

Today is Wednesday which means three things.
1. Trash day
2. Piano night for Payton
3. Date lunch with Chris

It is rare, when you have 2 children and no family in town, to get dates with the hubby. We both work at VCU now. So we have instituted date lunches. They are awesome and he always lets me pick the restaraunt. Today = Crossroads (notorious for their vegan cookies). I ate Mock Tuna salad with vegan ceasar, a glass of water, and a cafe au lait with soy. Yum. However my lovely onion breath has brought a rather unpleasant aroma into my window-less office.

At least I am having a good hair day.

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