Monday, January 7, 2008

I Don't Understand Americans

How can I be so out of touch with my fellow Americans? I simply can not understand what they are thinking.

Why? Why are Democrats supporting Obama? Was it Oprah? Is it his promise that his smile can make the world a better place? Do we really trust that this man has any clue how to run the country? Can he really win this? Do we want that?! Wouldn't the ideal thing be to vote in the most qualified candidate? A candidate who has a good plan and the balls to execute it?

I watched as my country elected Bush for another 4 years. And I just didn't understand. Angelica says "He got us in a mess, now he needs to fix it." But he didn't fix it. And I didn't like Kerry. But thats who the Democrats picked. What a waste!

Now look at our country. It's pitful. We've lost the Iraq-gusto. We've lost any interest in the environment. We've lost countless jobs. And guess what's ahead? A recession. Do we really think someone with little experience has the skills to get us through a recession? Can Obama reach out to all the countries that Bush has offended? Would old people vote for Obama? He is so young, old people don't like youngings running the country.

OMG, the silly youth vote. Uninformed voters who vote like their husbands or their parents. Or "He is the best looking." Or 1 issue voters: "He is pro-gay marriage so I'm not voting for him". Or "I'd never vote a woman or a black man as my president." All of these people should not be allowed to vote unless they can prove that they have more than 1 deminsion.

Hillary may seem like a bitch but look how CNN, Fox, MSNBC is portraying her. Her photos show her scowling or lecturing the crowd. I'm so tired of the media.

I care about the environment. I care about my children's future. I care about stability in Iraq. I care about fiscal responsibility. Hillary knows these things. And she has a plan. And she has a pocket of gold in her husband whom the rest of the world adores, even if us good Christian Americans think he lacks integrity.

I have grown to hate the democratic process. It infuriates me that people can run so blindly into the voting booths. And I feel entirely helpless. As if our country of gluttons and morons is destined to implode on its own ignorance.

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