Saturday, January 26, 2008

This is gonna be harder than I thought

Gee, imagine that.

FYI Apparently running 3 miles on the Precor FX is not the same as running 3 miles in REAL LIFE.

I went to the park, measured out 4.5 miles (I was feeling ambitious), grabbed my ipod and JEEP sweatshirt and started out for a little jog. After less than one mile I was pretty sure I was going to die. It was cold, my lungs burned, and the fat on my ass itched like a parasite infestation. But I forced myself to run 1.5 miles, mostly because running would get my pathetic body back to my car the quickest.

I can't believe I could only complete 1.5 miles running! Its such a breeze at the gym to go 5 miles even. I'm starting to feel the fear.

Only 2 months until the 10K. OMG I need to go for another run right now!

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