Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I have the Unique Privelage of being me

For all my disasters in life, I am acutely aware of how blessed I am. I'm a pretty cool chick. I have great friends. A steady family base. Decent spirituality. I'm artistic. I'm creative. I'm encourageable (which I find a postive!). I love to laugh. And I can admit I cried the first time i saw Titanic. I own 2 Celiene Dion cds. I have 12 journals of which I have written in 5 pages or less. I constantly have dry scalp, but hell, I've got good hair. I enjoy eating seaweed, and I think that makes me down right cool. I've lived in a few states, I've visited all of them except Hawaii, which, strangely enough, I have no interest in. I am really smart. It's pretty amazing actually. And I love my smile. My sense of humor is great, and I can laugh at myself, because honestly I can get a bit loopy sometimes. But it's an honest loopy. And I love people with such compassion, I would never hurt anyone, whether I care for them or not.

I own my home. At the age of 23 or 24 (I can't remember which) I decided I wanted a home. And I went out and bought one. I have such determination. I don't plan well, but I always make it through with tremendous sucess. I am lucky. For Christmas Viv gave me two scratcher tickets and both won! I have some of the most amazing coworkers who have incredible life stories. I make decent money and I can provide for my children (who, coincidently happen to be extremely healthy and robust).

I am blessed to understand and appreciate our planet, and feel as though the small contributions I make (brining my own bags to the grocery store or buying eco-friendly produce) really do make a difference, because I have to believe small things matter. For instance think about how powerful being in love feels, and how that eminates between only 2 people outward, spilling blessings and positive energy throughout the world.

I have made so many good choices in my life. Having Payton and Chloe. That was the best choice. Trading in my Prius for the CRV. Marrying Chris. I really lucked out on that one, though I didn't know it for a long time. Moving to Richmond. Learning to pray.

Yes, I can be silly, obnoxious, moody, and irritable. I can be selfish and heartless and stand-offish. But I love my friends and pretty much everyone else to. And I am proud of who I am. And feel so blessed to be quirky in a sea of normalcy.

Anyhow, thats it.

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