Monday, January 28, 2008

A Vegan Menu

I am by no means a vegan expert. But I do get the question "What do you eat?"

Here is a sample of what I ate today:

10 almonds
1 cup of chocolate soy milk (yum)

2 vegan sushi rolls (cucumber, carrot, avacado, rice, algae wrapper)


Steamed broccoli
Whole wheat pasta (vegan)
Tomato based sauce

It's all quite delicious and filling, though I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't found out first hand.

I find it important to always have fruit everywhere I go. I am a snacker so I keep apples in my desk and a pouch of almonds in my handbag.

I'm also fond of for great receipes from real people.

I bought this book once called "Nobody Cares what you had for Lunch". This book was about blogging and gave the reader 100 blog themes to write on. I never used the book, I mostly purchased it for the clever cover. However it occurs to me now that I have violated the first rule of thumb = "Nobody Cares what you had for Lunch".

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