Sunday, January 27, 2008

Training Update

So after yesterday's smack in the face, I was out hitting the pavement this morning. I managed another 1.5 miles, but was done after that. I didn't feel like dying or hurling or sinking to the bottom of a deep fryer, but I wasn't all shits and giggles afterward either.

The month of February means no eating out. It's a fun lil experiment hubby and I thought we would try. Of course when you spend $500 a month on eating out and another $450 on groceries you start to really question your budgeting skills.

I also have 6 more yoga sessions to use in the next 4 weeks, so I'll be hitting the studio 2 times a week now instead of just once.

I'm still eating vegan. It's great. I feel fantastic. I have started incorporating non-vegan bread into my diet, mainly because vegan bread is dry, expensive and pointless. I read a couple articles about "almost" vegans who splurge on salmon because the Vitamin E in salmon gives a "healthy glow". So I decided to get sushi Friday with raw salmon. I nearly ralphed after the first bite. That $7.50 sushi roll now resides in the dumpster waiting for Ducks Disposal to remove it from my property. Now you understand the whole $950 food expense line....what a waste!

No eating out, so I need to figure out how to roll an algae leaf around rice and cucumber. Time to scour the database of for some cheap meals. I'll keep you posted...

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