Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Big Migration

Sometime early July, I thought it would be fun to cancel my myspace account and start fresh on blogger (where stupid mind games and friend ranking bullshit does not exist). My favorite part of myspace was blogging, and I had a small but faithful following of readers who were very kind. Well now baby, I am out in the big world of the web. I am no longer hidden behind a password protected, friends-only blogsphere. But upon canceling my myspace I also lost all of my readers, so that sucks. Nevertheless, I am a military brat and I love starting over.

The day I canceled my account I tried to save my blogs. I only saved about 200, the other 1,000 or so are gone gone into the oblivion of 2005-2006. Ho hum. I am saddened, but still 200 blogs is quite a task to move.

So it's taking me a while, between work and work and the kids, to get all these old blogs online. No I haven't been here since January 2007. I just got here July 10, 2008 but my history is moving with me.

Hello to all my new friends, a new life of living out loud on blogger. Shia shia.

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