Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meat Packaging

I ran into this image:

on a website talking about texture. The website article was horrible,but the image was right on. How clever! Now get me a cleaver! Yum...meat.

Okay, so even a vegetarian can find cuteness in this slab of meat peeking through the cut-out shape of a cow. Who knew meat could be marketed in a fancy way that makes us all laugh saying "Yes it's dead animal flesh, but look at the darling package!"

This has got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, a company who would take such care in the image of their product may also take care in the preparation of that product. For instance Tiffany & Co jewelery comes packaged in a small turquoise box with a satin white ribbon. Opening the Tiffany & co. box is a treat, what a presentation! And you know the quality packaging is to protect and display the quality of the article inside.

So maybe, the quality packaging of this beef also symbolizes the quality of life the cow had before it was put down. Maybe it signifies the cleanliness of the slaughterhouse, and the sanitary conditions of the factory line and processing departments.

But is it true then, that quality packaging will reveal a quality product? Do companies with high standards open their pocket book more to get a quality designer? Or is this just a gimmick to get the consumer to buy a cheap cut of meat?

Either way, this package is clever and the designer should win awards.

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