Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am such a massive fan of maximalism. It started in my subconscious, I didn't recognize it as love, only a general fondness of new design ideas.

I've always been a tremendous fan of magical realism, and thinking about it now, magical realism is just form of maximalism, excess and decadence.

In the 90's I rested with the simplicity of zen design, scrubbed my bamboo floor, whitewashed my walls, pulled the shades tight over my windows, and disposed of all my possession except a solitary bonzai in the corner of an empty room. Even my design was as simple and white as possible:

But one day a couple of years ago, someone had slashed holes in the zen wall and it was bleeding a rainbow of vector curves, and I LOVED it.

The catholic church will not be happy with my indulgence!

I remember buying the first version of Maximalism: A Design Study in 2006. What a great concept!

As design trends do, that concept was worked on, deconstructed, remolded, and reproduced in it's final sleek form.

Here are some websites to love, which represent two of my favorite design tricks: maxamilism and mixed media.

Free People

Spring Time in Tennessee

But how does someone create a maximalist design without it looking like it was thrown together?

Even maximalism has thresholds before it turns to chaos. Pushing those boundaries and still staying orderly is what successful maxamilist artists have mastered. And a proper grid always helps things stay in place.


But alas, this is yet another trend like mehndi which will soon find it's way on the out list. While it's here I will lick it up like ice cream and indulge in it's layers of chewy goodness.

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