Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Someone fix the system so I can get back to work

I am back at work today after a brief fairytale stint in NYC. With all my fascination and last minute trips to this city, one might ask, why don't you just move there? I am afraid to. Like a boyfriend you adore until you marry him and find out he doesn't wash dishes and leaves his clothes on the bathroom floor.

What if New York leaves it's clothes on the bathroom floor? What if this magical land of endless wonder turns out to be nothing more than pollution, foreigners and rats? As long as I dip into New Yorks pool just up to my ankle I will never be saddened by the hard truth of commitment.

I am impatient today, mostly because I have more to-do bullets than completed check marks. The CMS program isn't running properly and I have a presentation I need to get done. I want it working now now now. Don't those server gurus understand the gravity of my situation?

One of my must-dos during my 24 hour trip to the Big Apple was visit the danish artist waterfall display. "Take me to the Brooklyn Bridge waterfalls on the Seaport" I asked the cabby. Twenty minutes later I looked out the window of the taxi and caught my first glimpse. Wow. My skin turned into a mass of goose pimples. Really one must see this art in life, hear the water rushing, feel the rumble of the traffic above. Art? So this is how art is supposed to make you feel. Like a miracle just occurred in your heart but you can't define how it will change your tomorrow. Like two things which struggled (man and nature) have finally found peace right here in the busiest metropolitan. Olafur Eliasson, you can never imagine what this display has done for a big minded but closed-in Virginian girl.

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