Monday, July 28, 2008

Slimquick Buzz

Today I learned a few important lessons:

  1. Importing pdfs and docs into CMS is easiest if you use a text editor

  2. Placing a lemon wedge below the ice in a diet coke results in maximum citrus flavor

  3. Most heart attacks occur between 10 and 11 AM

Thank God it is nearly five. Today I ate lunch with Angelica at Qdoba. While sitting there 4 out of my 7 workmates walked in one at a time. Apparently it was Qdoba day for the office. And even though I did not get the memo, I looked as if I knew the deal.

Angelica and I shared a brownie which was delicious, and in my opinion, the taste of chocolate soothes my soul, and therefore is health food.

This morning was mysecond week on SlimQuick. Last week I took one pill in the morning and one pill in the afternoon. The second week you double up, two pills in the morning and two in the afternoon. No problem right? Well, actually.... Each "serving size" has the amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. I was buzzing a caffeine high even before I arrived at work. And when I got in I realized that Fritz had brought in my favorite Vermont Free Trade coffee from Ellwood Thompsons. And he had just brewed a fresh pot. So I drank three cups of the Vermont coffee. By lunch time I was spastic, like the boy who was raised with the bees. It only made sense to drink 2 glasses of fully caffeinated Diet Coke.

Angelica "How was your weekend?"
Me "Myweekendwasgreatwehadapartyforpaytonandallherfriendsbroughthergreatgiftsandthenweatepizzaandwatchedamovieandthenwewentswimmingandthenitwaslateandchloewasstungbymosquitosandcriedandthenmyinlawstookthemtotheirhousefortheweekend..."

By 2pm I hit the wall, had a massive headache, and a stretch of yawning that I couldn't shake.

Did you know noon is the best time to push through a deal? Or sign a house? Or come up with a creative idea?

So I decided I would skip my second dose of SlimQuick as I still have energy enough to make it through the night.

Some folks from NYC are coming down to Richmond to hold a training next week. They sent me an email asking if we had a projector. One of these?

No dummy, one of these:

Don't you miss those transparency projectors?
I learned about Sex Ed and Chlorophyll on those projectors. One year in school I sat next to the projector and could smell the white board marker my teacher used to write notes directly onto the glass of the projector. I thought those machines were the coolest. We borrowed one from the YMCA to project a Winnie the Pooh picture onto the wall and trace it for a mural. I remember learning with glee that you could run transparencies through a copier. I bought 4 boxes of transparencies for work. And I never used any of them. I'm sure they are sitting in some file drawer over there on Franklin Street.

Speaking of that old job I realized what the ex-monster reminds me of. You know when you borrow a jacket from a friend whose parents are chain smokers, and then you put that jacket in your dirty clothes and it smells up all your laundry? Thats what that monster reminds me of. Hubby said she had a picture of my BFF on her wall. Not sure what thats about....she sucks.

At 5pm the liver metabolizes alcohol most efficiently.

Tonight my in-laws have the kids so we will be eating chocolate for dinner.
Maybe we'll watch a Rated R movie. Haha. And wash OUR clothes instead of the kids. I can't wait.

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