Friday, July 18, 2008

New Blog Design coming

I feel tremendous pressure to get my blog layout developed. I am, after all, a web designer and creative genius. So why do these personal projects take so long to start and are almost always abandoned before completion?

I know the design I am looking for...the theme is "good typography"...the end. The whole site must contain nothing but fantastic wizard fonts and spacing.

I use the word "wizard" to mean stellar not like wizard font:


I see potential in this page layout though it doesn't much look like anything yet. Maybe mixed with a little of this page's ideas as far as structure (not a fan of the minimalism), and with all the elegance found here. I want to have the feel of a 19th century newspaper, cleanly updates with breathable class. Oh and I am keeping my dreamy images. And I am using a splash of orange here and there. So who knows how this will turn out. Lemme at the Moleskine.

Quick look at above links:

I also am flirting with starting a separate blog for my design chatter, and keeping this one personal...I've yet to find anyone interested in reading both aspects of my life. :)

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