Monday, July 21, 2008

New Furniture!!

I remember reading in a Martha Stewart catalog that Pottery Barn sold classy looking furniture for a price that middle income Americans can afford. The funny thing is, I thought Pottery Barn was way expensive.

And I still do.

So I finally have nearly enough funds (minus those I owe in back taxes) to buy the two items I've been wanting for 2 years.

The couch:

With this throw:

And the chandelier:

The couch we have now is so country its scary, red white and blue plaid with X's and O's. Omg. I saw the couch on that 1980s movie "Overboard" in the nasty redneck house occupied by dirty, tasteless men. But it's comfortable. We bought it in 1997 from a family member who had it handed down to him from someone who had it handed down to them. There is no telling how old this thing is, but I'll peg it at 30. Manufactured the year after I was born.

A couple of years ago I worked at Pottery Barn for a second Christmas job. I enjoyed working there. The best part was that employees got a 40% discount off of everything at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, William and Sonoma, and West Elm. I spent twice what I made. I wanted the couch then, but couldn't afford. Now I wish I still worked there!!


A said...

Oh my gosh Tiff...that chandelier is AMAZING!!! I would come over just to stare at it...can I, can I?

Sorry we missed P's b.d...I was wallowing in misery.

David said...


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